Centre court - out today!

it gives us massive pleasure to announce that our second EP 'Centre Court' is out now!

listen to it here:

iTunes: https://goo.gl/GbimNa

Spotify: https://goo.gl/iM6mkv

Deezer: https://goo.gl/uQqcDH

Soundcloud: https://goo.gl/ypB5PB

we put so much work and effort in this little piece of music. and are proud as hell. we hope you like it.

so much love,

the dote-boys

big news!

Dear people, out there in the internet and the world,


we have awesome big crazy massive news: we’re dropping our second EP “CENTRE COURT” on 6th January 2018. Four new songs on which we worked half a year to make sure they sound exactly as how we wanted them. And now we feel they’re perfect to face the world outside our computers. You’ll be able to listen to them everywhere you can find music. We’re so excited what you’ll think of it. And: There’ll be a new music video soon - to a song called “bottles”. We’ll keep you updated here and on our facebook page. But for now, we’ll leave you with an arty cryptic explanation, what the CENTRE COURT is about and why we named the EP after it.  


Don’t stop, there’s no time. Not even for a short moment. Come on, fast now. Look! There’s a youth in a world full of flaws which no one could ever fix but them. But this youth won’t. This youth just revolves around itself. Why aren’t they bristling with rage? Just standing there on the court drinking wine, smoking cigarettes, yapping about life. What do they now about life? They can’t be serious. Just not here, on the beautiful tennis court. Who has a will to this day? They are just standing there, apathetic, without a volition at all. Just come on. We don’t have time. 


Dare to follow DOTE to the CENTRE COURT. A space for everyone, for everything there’s space. Here lies an ocean. Here lies glass. Here hides sex. But beware: don’t trespass the lines. You could asphyxiate. 


The CENTRE COURT is everything. The CENTRE COURT is nothing. The setting of a life in a box. Is your heart yet numb? Do you still feel the hands of the others? Can you remember? Just for one time: stand still. 


Love you all, 


the DOTE-boys

How every year should end...

boom! sometimes in life, you get caught up in dreams.

gladly one of ours is becoming very true: we are touring through the UK in december. this gives us such an insane dose of excitement that we've totally stopped thinking about everything else.

we are so happy to finally play some shows in our favourite country. along the way we will be joining the fantastic Khartoum and Midnight Mouth to name but two.

If you should be around make sure to catch up with us here:

09/12: Tram and Social, London

10/12: Hy Brasil, Bristol

11/12: TBA

12/12: TBA

13/12: The Fighting Cocks, Kingston Upon Thames

14/12: The Dublin Castle, London

looking forward to every minute of these days. 



Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 17.26.59.png

gallery - drinnen + draußen festival 16.09.17


last saturday saw us play our final dinslaken show of the summer.

so, naturally, here's the final dinslaken photo gallery of the summer.


drinnen + draußen festival - info

dundd poster.jpg

saturday, well, tomorrow, see's us return to the stage, and return to dinslaken. 

drinnen und draußen festival, organised by randale & triebe, featuring an indoor and outdoor stage featuring live acts, then moving on to dj's after 10pm. the action starts at 4pm and goes on way into the early hours. should be a blast!

we will be hitting the indoor-stage at 6pm, so come and find us, and don't forget to come and say hello at the merch stand after the show.

see you there. 

love, the honorary residents of dinslaken

what is mallorca about?

mallorca. what is mallorca about?

drinking beer, getting brown (well, red first), drinking beer, drinking sangria. but the main question is; what does the drummer of an indie band do there. well, drinking beer, mainly.

our song 'islands' was an inspiration for me to make a little vacation here between gigs. i played the song to many people here already - they didn't really get it though. maybe because it's not Helena Fischer or any other schlager artist from Germany. well, there's no real indie scene here. 

but, i don't care. i quite like it here. did i mention the beer...

see you at randale & triebe

love, Lukas


gallery - s.y.l.s. festival 25.08.17


last saturday saw us take to the stage at the burgtheater in dinslaken. what a venue!

as ever, thanks to everyone who turned out. we had a heap of fun.

you can catch us again this coming saturday in geldern and attendorn.

here's a few photos from the show, hope you enjoy! oh, and keep an eye out for the best-looking backstage security we've had all summer.

s.y.l.s festival - info

Dinslakenflyer 2.jpg


this coming friday, 25th august, sees the bus stop in dinslaken for the S.Y.L.S. Festival.

the Burgtheater looks amazing, and should be incredible with an audience! 

all being well, we should be hitting the stage shortly after 7pm, so come along - it should be a blast!

merchandise will be available immediately after our set, so as usual come by and say hello and feel free to make a liquid donation.

for more information about the festival, look it up on Facebook.

see you on friday! 


gallery - mg kitchen tv wohnzimmerkonzert 11.08.17


here's a little look back at our show last friday for MG Kitchen TV. 

a big thanks to MGKTV, to our hostess, and to all the people that came to the show - you were all wonderful.

all images © www.ape.photos / dote

a foal weekend

hello hello!

killing time in the break is becoming a real pain! especially since we had to travel to London last weekend to see Ben Howard and Foals live! 

Well, 'we' actually means jonah, luke and moritz! niclas decided to spend the weekend on the funfair in Düsseldorf instead - probably drunk - definitely eating too much! 

Ok, so jonah, luke and boris were also drunk at the Citadel Festival in London, but probably had a smaller chance of throwing up than niclas!

moritz however, clearly has a thing about Ben Howard. how he looked at him on stage was a mixture out of lust and romance. we're worried.

we're back on stage ourselves in a couple of weeks time - maybe you could come along and stare at moritz in a romantic manner - see how he copes!


everything looks better in a case

yesterday, Niclas and Moritz dropped by to visit the beautiful lads at Philadelphia PA to plan a few flight-cases to protect amps, boxes and effects when travelling to festivals throughout the land.

we don't know whether a perfectly packed piece of gear evokes the same amount of happiness in you as it does with us, but we're feeling like happy little boys unwrapping... oh sorry wrapping up their christmas presents. 

and to make the day even better, Moritz kind of ordered a new pedalboard! this means loads of fun arranging the fx-puzzle. more on this later. maybe... 

for now, we're building castles in the sandpit.

the kindergarden kids from DOTE

what does an indie band do during a break?

well, what exactly does an indie band get up to when they take a break from festivals and touring?

we've been asked this question so many times!

yeah well, to be honest, no one has asked yet, but just in case you're curious; here 'goes...

what have we been doing so far? first off, Moritz had to sober up. Luke has taken it upon himself to tune up his drums and give them some much needed TLC after the beating they've taken these last few weeks. Jonah has been looking at apartments to rent in Cologne, while Niclas has cleaned his car. Very shiny it is too (although it's still a ford)!

exciting huh!? we hope you can all sleep well now!

see you at Viel und Draußen in Heilbronn in a little over two weeks!!!