How every year should end...

boom! sometimes in life, you get caught up in dreams.

gladly one of ours is becoming very true: we are touring through the UK in december. this gives us such an insane dose of excitement that we've totally stopped thinking about everything else.

we are so happy to finally play some shows in our favourite country. along the way we will be joining the fantastic Khartoum and Midnight Mouth to name but two.

If you should be around make sure to catch up with us here:

09/12: Tram and Social, London

10/12: Hy Brasil, Bristol

11/12: TBA

12/12: TBA

13/12: The Fighting Cocks, Kingston Upon Thames

14/12: The Dublin Castle, London

looking forward to every minute of these days. 



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s.y.l.s festival - info

Dinslakenflyer 2.jpg


this coming friday, 25th august, sees the bus stop in dinslaken for the S.Y.L.S. Festival.

the Burgtheater looks amazing, and should be incredible with an audience! 

all being well, we should be hitting the stage shortly after 7pm, so come along - it should be a blast!

merchandise will be available immediately after our set, so as usual come by and say hello and feel free to make a liquid donation.

for more information about the festival, look it up on Facebook.

see you on friday! 


Gallery - dachsbau festival 12.08.17


our second performance last weekend took us to delbrück to play dachsbau festival '17.

it was wet, very wet! but, we didn't let that spoil things, and yet again, so many people braved the weather to come and support us and the other artists - thank you so much.

here's a few photos from the performance - enjoy!

dachsbau festival - INFO

hey guys! 

saturday, 12th August sees us making our next stop at Dachsbau Festival in Delbrück. 

tickets are available in advance from (€5) and on the gate (€7).

things get underway at 17:00 and we're expecting to hit the stage at around 8pm.

merchandise will be available after our set at around 18:00, so come by and say hello (bringing a beer is optional).

big love! 


festival re-start

hey everyone!

it's friday! not just any friday though. today means we have just one week to go until we hit the festival trail again.

the break has been lots of fun, but now it's time to get back down to business!

things start up again next friday evening in Heilbronn, with the following week seeing us hit the stage in Delbruck! who's coming? drop us a comment and let us know!

we are sooooo excited to see you all again!

for the rest of our upcoming dates, check out our live section!

love, DOTE


what does an indie band do during a break?

well, what exactly does an indie band get up to when they take a break from festivals and touring?

we've been asked this question so many times!

yeah well, to be honest, no one has asked yet, but just in case you're curious; here 'goes...

what have we been doing so far? first off, Moritz had to sober up. Luke has taken it upon himself to tune up his drums and give them some much needed TLC after the beating they've taken these last few weeks. Jonah has been looking at apartments to rent in Cologne, while Niclas has cleaned his car. Very shiny it is too (although it's still a ford)!

exciting huh!? we hope you can all sleep well now!

see you at Viel und Draußen in Heilbronn in a little over two weeks!!! 


what a time to be a alive as an indie-band

ladies and gentlemen, we have reached the half-time of our first festival summer as DOTE.

To give you a short overview of the last few weeks: Luke has climbed a balcony – naked. Jonah nearly broke his jawbone. Niclas has slept on the floor of a cellar in the middle of nowhere, and Moe was drunk at least one time, which is a pretty freakish thing for him to do. Things got crazy sometimes. Apart from all the beer we drunk, all the lovely people we met and talked to, we have to say: Thank you.


Starting at “HardtBeat Festival” in Mönchengladbach around a month ago; we played a show every weekend from there on and each of them has been ridiculously amazing. The crowd, no matter where, was absolutely welcoming and gorgeous. We are very flattered by the support we have received throughout every concert from all of you. We had a lot of fun and we're hoping to continue the good vibes at the end of July, when we start again at “viel & draußen Festival” in Heilbronn.

We hope to see you all again at the upcoming gigs you can see below. 




The boys from DOTE




Come see us here: 


28. July @ viel & draußen Festival, Heilbronn


12. August @ Dachsbau Festival, Delbrueck


25. August @ SYLS Festival, Dinslaken 


02. September @ Geldernsein Festival, Geldern


02. September @ Uehlhof Rockt, Attendorn