what is mallorca about?

mallorca. what is mallorca about?

drinking beer, getting brown (well, red first), drinking beer, drinking sangria. but the main question is; what does the drummer of an indie band do there. well, drinking beer, mainly.

our song 'islands' was an inspiration for me to make a little vacation here between gigs. i played the song to many people here already - they didn't really get it though. maybe because it's not Helena Fischer or any other schlager artist from Germany. well, there's no real indie scene here. 

but, i don't care. i quite like it here. did i mention the beer...

see you at randale & triebe

love, Lukas


what does an indie band do during a break?

well, what exactly does an indie band get up to when they take a break from festivals and touring?

we've been asked this question so many times!

yeah well, to be honest, no one has asked yet, but just in case you're curious; here 'goes...

what have we been doing so far? first off, Moritz had to sober up. Luke has taken it upon himself to tune up his drums and give them some much needed TLC after the beating they've taken these last few weeks. Jonah has been looking at apartments to rent in Cologne, while Niclas has cleaned his car. Very shiny it is too (although it's still a ford)!

exciting huh!? we hope you can all sleep well now!

see you at Viel und Draußen in Heilbronn in a little over two weeks!!!